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 Moderators and other things

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PostSubject: Moderators and other things   Moderators and other things EmptyThu Dec 13, 2012 1:03 am

1. I was thinking, like most sites, we could have a moderator group. People wanting to be mods would have to fill out a form (like TFC) and maybe 3 mods would be chosen (depending on how many members are joined. Like, right now there is only 4? people, 3 of whom have mod powers. Now, for my jealous rant: I WANT MOD POWERS< GIMMY GIMMY GIMMY. OK, now that thats over with x3 Certain mods could patrol certin areas, but all be chatbox mods.

2. Color! To draw more people to sites, the front page colors must look good, and be unique. I have seen many other sites with the same layout, yours needs to stand out. It doesnt even matter if the roleplay is the best idea in the world, no one will join if they think the site has boring colors. I know, because the first thing I do is look at the layout of a site and decide if it grabs attention, then I read more. Maybe, if we made our own personal colors, had an affiliate button, and advetised, this site could be popular! Warrior cat roleplay is one of the largest roleplay plots, and many uniquely colored sites are full of members. We could have a contest on color scemes, and vote for our favorite, keeping forest/cat related. I can make an afiliate button, and help with the colors if needed.

3. Contests! I know that this site is fairly new, but nothing draws someone in better than an interesting site, with lots going on. If we had some contests, it would add a certain fun quality needed in roleplay sites. Some contests could be: Decorate your bio! Banner making. Best signature. Some themed ones might be: Easter egg hunt ('eggs' scattered around site, every egg you find can be exchanged for a prize), C-mas stockings (people can pm presents to the leaders/admin to be put in a 'stocking' to be open on c-mas), Draw your cat dressed up for the holidays, Halloween 'create a pumkin', ect.

Remember, these are my opinions. If you dont like them or find them offensive, I'm sorry.

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PostSubject: Re: Moderators and other things   Moderators and other things EmptyThu Dec 13, 2012 7:40 am

I see what your saying about the mods. But deupties, like me, are the moderators while admins, are Flamestar and Lightstar. Deputies are supposed to look over their Clan Territory to check for anything wrong. And they are also assigned to watch over 3 other places besides the chatbox. I like your contest idea though. And I would like it if you could handle the button and help me out with the colors. Thanks for sharing your suggestions!

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Moderators and other things
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