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 Longstripe, ShadowClan Deputy

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PostSubject: Longstripe, ShadowClan Deputy   Longstripe, ShadowClan Deputy EmptyMon Dec 10, 2012 6:44 pm

Name: Longstripe

Gender: Male

Age: 2 seasons and 8 moons

Personality: Longstripe is very out-going and calm. The kind of cat you'd like to hang out with. He can be stern when he needs to be and is a great hunter but he has no need to rush into battles and isn't afraid to challenge his leader, or the warrior code.

Main fur color: Black

Markings/scars/etc: Long silver stripes that run down his back and reach around his face.

Eye Color: Red

Rank: Deputy

Rank Desired: Deputy

History: Longstripe was born and raised into RiverClan but he didn't feel like he should be loyal to his Clan mates because they didn't respect him, because he was Half-Clan. His mother was ThunderClan but his Father was RiverClan. He did not run away, as they say, he left. Deliberately. He didn't care if he left anymore. One day he would show RiverClan what they neglected. A fine, strong warrior in which his new Clan, ShadowClan, could trust with their lives.

Crush: He thinks it would be nice

Mate: None... yet >:3 he will charm you!!!
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Longstripe, ShadowClan Deputy
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